Buzzy Bee-Utiful Wraps

Buzzy Bee-Utiful Wraps

Combatting Single-Use Products with the Help of Bees.

A small independent business is combatting single-use plastic and foil by launching an alternative made from biodegradable material coated in beeswax. Created in the kitchens of three mums who juggle handmaking the products while raising their young children, Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps protect food and keep it fresh. The beeswax, sourced from happy bees fed on wildflowers, is completely natural and is a non-toxic substance with antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Not only do Tilly, Jordan and Emz sell the finished product, they also offer kits complete with everything you need to make your eco-friendly wraps.

Tilly Charman said: “As mothers to small children, we became aware of how much single-use cling film and foil we were using and wanted to come up with an alternative. From our kitchens, we make the wraps in a range of vibrant fabric designs as well as the make your kits which were very popular on the lead up to Christmas. We’ve got big plans for 2021 with new designs and products in the pipeline.

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