Gourmet Grocer at 29

Gourmet Grocer at 29

Keeping the Community Stocked Up.

Taking over a business during the middle of a global pandemic might seem like a crazy thing to do, but for Kate and Andy, they saw an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. Having never worked in the retail sector before, a redundancy and upcoming retirement made the couple realise that life is too short. The keys to Gourmet Grocer at 29, a traditional grocer located in the heart of the Brechin high street, were handed over in November and they hit the ground running with the lead up to Christmas passing a blur of hampers, spirits, cheese and gifts.

Their weekly deliveries keep the community stocked up on essentials and a new website is coming in 2021 to extend access remotely.

Kate, owner, Gourmet Grocer at 29, said: “We were instantly drawn in by the shop’s character and are keen not to change anything, except for the better. That means sourcing new products, both local and Scotland wide. We’ll still have our favourite staple items – amazing bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, locally grown vegetables. We stock a wide range of delicious groceries and gifts. Our gin corner grows daily, stocked with gins from all over Scotland, and we have a large range of whisky and other beverages.”