Milton Haugh Farm Shop

Milton Haugh Farm Shop

A year ago Elizabeth Gray was working 15-hour days desperately trying to keep the shelves of Milton Haugh Farm Shop in Angus stocked.

What kept her going through another late night of not seeing her children? Knowing the local community was relying on her to help get them through tough times.

A year on, Elizabeth says Milton Haugh in Carmyllie is now facing its own “tough time”.

Milton Haugh Farm Shop plea for help

Customers have “vanished” and freshly made cakes and pies have had to go in the bin.

Elizabeth has issued a desperate plea for customers to return and support the 20-year-old family business.

“We do have some regulars who come into the shop and I can’t thank them enough,” she said.

“It’s the folk who came to us and were clearing the shelves and grabbing everything they possibly could. They’ve stopped coming to see us.

“I genuinely feel used and abused.

“Because supermarkets are a bit quieter, other businesses are open… we’ve just been deserted.

“Since things have started to ease, we feel we have been discarded and quite frankly it hurts.”

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