Sacred Grounds Coffee Company

Sacred Grounds Coffee Company

Sacred Grounds Coffee Company began roasting speciality, single origin coffee in  Arbroath in 2015.  As a small team of three, Jamie, Ian & Kathryn, we roast small batches on Fatima, our roaster, sourcing the best, most sustainable and ethical coffee beans that we possibly can.  Our main focus has always been to bring great coffee to the people of Angus and as time has passed, we have been able to extend our offering beyond, now sending coffee UK wide.

A love of great coffee has to be the reason to start a coffee roastery – and we had that by the bucket load.  We all love great coffee. When we heard that Fatima, the roaster Jamie had learnt his craft on in Glasgow, was being sold and possibly leaving the country, we jumped at the chance to buy her.  She is a little bit of coffee history being the machine that led the way for speciality coffee in Scotland.  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to continue her craft and so put in our bid. And so began the Sacred Grounds Coffee Company story.

From day one, we made Angus our main market for our coffee.  If we were enjoying a great  coffee, why shouldn’t’ our friends and neighbours?!  We work closely with many local businesses either supplying beans for cafes, like Gather in Carnoustie or Daily Grind in Arbroath and Dundee or bags for retail shops like Smithies Deli in Arbroath and Gourmet Grocer in Brechin .  We also have an online shop which allows us to reach a wider market –   We were regularly attendees at local markets like Forfar and Arbroath allowing us to meet our customers and chat about coffee.

Lockdown had a huge impact.  Our wholesale business collapsed, markets stopped and things were, indeed still are, tough.  But, we adapted and our online market has flourished as a result.  We have made changes to the days we roast to follow lockdown guidelines, to how we sell our coffee, widening the retail options available to suit more people and have collaborated with more local businesses that are fighting as hard as we are to survive – Toll House Spirits, Fudge & Fancies and Artisana being but three.  We’ve been fortunate that mobile coffee vans, like Dundee Bean Machine, have been in touch so we have seen new customers arrive that we didn’t for a second imagine would happen when businesses were closing around us.   And, as our wholesale customers start to adapt, we’ve seen orders come in again and friendly faces reappear.  We love coffee, are passionate about coffee and are happy to chat about it for hours whilst giving guidance on which of our coffees to try, how to brew them and get the best from the beans. and such like.  If you love coffee, we are here for you!

The pandemic has allowed us to refocus and revaluate the way we run Sacred Grounds Coffee Company.   Seeing the positive in a truly horrid situation has been a great learning opportunity and chance to sit back and look at what is important to the business not to mention us as business owners.

Online sales are now a major part of the business; we ship coffee from Orkney to Cornwall and everywhere in between.  The plan is to continue growing this market and ensure we play a part in the domestic coffee market.

We’ve been working closely on collaborations with other local businesses and this has become a major focus for us too.  Expect more joint ventures in 2021 and beyond!

And finally, we are keeping everything crossed that lockdown easing means we can say hello to our wholesale customers again who we’ve missed massively over the last few months,

2021 is all about remaining positive, regrouping and moving on!


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